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The scripts are all consistent and localized in order to meet the preferences of the client. We offer voiceover in a multitude of languages. Our voiceovers are delivered by first analyzing the material that has to be translated.

For delivering every voice over, our team of professionals follows a precise process. Each recording is conducted in high resolution digital domain audio with high quality microphones so we can get the highest sound quality every single time. The files are all hand edited meticulously by professional sound engineers. Breaths and noises as well as pauses are all removed and are adjusted manually to ensure smooth playback of every voice over. Every file is then normalized and compressed using a special process that is custom developed in order to produce the recordings with consistent volume. The final step in our voice over service is conversion of audio file format. Over the last few years, we have developed an elaborate and unique process to ensure that outstanding results are achieved. Our recordings sound amazing on any type of phone system.