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What is whispered interpreting?
Sometimes called by its French name, “chuchotage,” Whisper interpreting is when the interpreter translates into a language which the majority of the participants understand. The speaker and the participants speak normally without any pauses and the interpreter translates for his customer in a low voice, whispering what is being said at the meeting.

A simultaneous interpreter is assigned to a very small group of people, and re-speaks what is being said simultaneously in a whisper, so as not to hinder the conference or meeting. This type of interpreting is becoming increasingly popular.

When is whispering interpretation used?
Whispering interpretation is often the technique of choice for:
Business negotiations
Conferences, Fairs
Site visits (workshops, factories, etc)
One-to-one or small group meetings
What are the advantages and disadvantages of a whispering interpreter?
Whispering interpreting requires no special equipment, no booths or headphones or microphones.
It is convenient and informal.
Best where only two languages are being used (usually English and one other language).
It is most helpful when a small number of foreign language speakers need interpretation – not more than one or two.
For larger or more complex meetings, you may need a different technique of language interpretation.