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What is Consecutive Interpretation?
Consecutive interpreting is often known as classic interpretation since the discourse is interpreted in the required language as the speaker has concluded. Consecutive Interpretation relies on the interpreter listening to the statements of the speaker and conveying these to the target language. For consecutive interpreting, the interpreter places themself near to the speaker and takes notes while listening. The speaker will pause every 5 or 10 minutes so that the interpreter can repeat their speech in the target language. Alternatively, the interpreter can wait until the end of the speech before presenting it in full in the desired language. Consecutive interpreting increases the length of the meeting or conference. For this reason, consecutive interpreting is recommended for short meetings or conferences lasting a maximum of one or two hours. It is the most common interpreting method for press conferences.

In consecutive interpreting service, a complex system of symbols and abbreviations are used in order to take the detailed notes as the speaker delivers the speech. The system was developed over the years through experience and training. There are a very large number of systems that exist today for taking notes.

Our consecutive interpreting service is delivered through a team of dedicated and professional interpreters and translators from all over the world. We can handle your text and your event in a wide range of languages. No matter what language combination you require consecutive interpreting for, our team can handle it for you. We provide consecutive interpreting services for languages like English, Farsi, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, German, French, Spanish and several others.

Applications of Consecutive Interpretation
Professional interpreting is usually for small presentations, meetings or conferences. In consecutive interpreting, the professionals start interpreting once the speaker has stopped speaking. Therefore, the interpreters have time to evaluate and analyze the message in its whole that makes it possible for them to deliver high quality consecutive interpreting service.

Pros and Cons of Consecutive Interpreting Service
Consecutive interpretation is delivered by our company by working closely with the clients in order to ensure consistent and accurate delivery, tailored to meet the demands of the event. One of the biggest advantages of consecutive interpreting is that there is no requirement for equipments of any kind to deliver consecutive interpreting service. There would only be a single interpreter in most cases. However, the program or event scheduled should consider the fact that the interpreting would require more time and allow for it.