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Academic Translation is the translation service for thesis, assignments, articles and academic research of lecturers and students in all kinds of areas such as social sciences, physical sciences, medicine, engineering, economy and arts etc. One of the most demanding audiences for translations is those who will ask you for the translation of your academic documents. These can include the translation of diplomas, translation of degrees, and the translation of transcripts.

AS Asya Translation, our academic translation is carried out by an experienced academic translator working in their native language. Academic translation differs from ordinary translation, as it is important that the translator understands the subject as well as the language in order to ensure that the correct meaning is conveyed. We have experienced translators in a broad range of academic subjects, including science, engineering and business, who can confidently translate your paper without losing any of your intended meaning or research ideas.

Main Areas in Academic Translation:

* All kinds of Academic Articles translation
* Assignments translation
* Course Notes translation
* Master Thesis translation
* Proofreading Services (Control, Editing etc…)
* Research Documents translation
* Undergraduate Thesis translation